About Us

Located in the heart of Dubai's thriving business hub, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), we are your gateway to the world of groundbreaking investments. At Berstoun Investments Ltd., we are more than just investors; we are pioneers of possibility. Our passion is nurturing innovative projects, crafting in-house marvels, and turning great ideas into flourishing realities.

With a sharp focus on innovation, sustainability, high-growth potential, and transformation, we're on a mission to reshape the business landscape in Dubai and beyond. Join us on a journey where visionary ideas are transformed into extraordinary ventures. Let's build the future together!

Our partners / investors

IQ Special System Integration
Dream of Sports
Task Vale
Task Vale
Net Zero
Net Zero

Our projects

  • Resto Club IO
    Resto Club IO

    The ultimate all-in-one restaurant solution crafted to transform your business!

  • Dream of Sports

    Unlocking the new future of success in sports!


    IQ Special System Integration IT LLC – IT and IS solutions redefined. The best way to predict the future is by inventing it!


Berstoun Difference

  • Diverse Investment Approach:

    Berstoun Investments stands out by actively building its own innovative projects in addition to investing in promising businesses and ideas. While our competitors often follow traditional investment strategies, we embrace diversity to fuel tomorrow's successes.

  • High-Growth Focus:

    We are exclusively dedicated to high-growth potential ventures. Unlike those who settle for low-yield, conventional investments, we are driven by a relentless pursuit of transformative businesses poised to make a lasting impact.

  • Innovation at the Core:

    Innovation is not just a part of what we do; it's at the heart of Berstoun. We nurture and invest in pioneering solutions, ensuring that progress and change drive our investments to create meaningful value.

  • Global Vision:

    Berstoun Investments extends its vision beyond borders. Our global perspective allows us to seek and support opportunities not only in Dubai but also far and wide, making us a forward-thinking partner in a rapidly evolving world of investment.

Our Ventures: Leading the Way in Tomorrow's Industries

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